Mission- Engineering Spirits

When standing up Sol Taino Distilling Co, Luis Cruz was not only faced with the decision of leaving the private sector, but the challenge of building a new business model in on-going financial crisis Puerto Rico was facing.  A passion for distilled spirits and the desire to bring commerce back home ultimately tipped the scales in favor of taking on the hurdles and developing Puerto Rico’s first Craft Distilling concept.

By using non-traditional distilling and aging methods, paired with our love and enthusiasm for craft products Sol Taino Distilling Co breaks barriers set forth by PR’s long standing, distilling rich history and brings forth two new interpretations of Puerto Rican Rum – Pito Rico and Sol Taino. This is just the beginning....

Saving the world, one bottle of rum at a time!

Life is too short to be bored. We celebrate through our spirits the bold stories that inspired our lives. Salud!
— Luis J Cruz Rivera