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Redefining Island Craft Rum

From Moonshine to Spiced specialty rums…



Inspired by traditional Puerto Rican pitorro (caneshine), 106 is a beastly rum.  At 53% abv, notes of cane, white pepper, and light banana shine through the hot, alcohol driven nose providing a strong yet smooth experience for the discerning rum drinker. 

Perfect for Daiquiris and Tiki-styled cocktails, or on the rocks for a unique experience.


Heretic Rum

As the legend goes, a small group of Taino Indians decided to rebel against the Spaniards with the drowning of Diego Salcedo; event which proved that these strange visitors were in-fact human.  At the time, the conquistadors were seen as gods, untouchable.  Rebellion was heresy. 

This rum is built to be different, to rebel against industrial renditions and redefine what rum is. Try Heretic Rum in your favorite rum cocktail or mixed drink. 


Bohique Rum

The Bohique was a shaman of the Taino native people and seen as one of the highest ranked leaders of the community. It was tradition to fast for four months or more in order to become a Bohique with only herbs and spices to sustain them through this process.

Those same herbs and spices flow through this rum today. We source our spices from all over Latin America to provide a new rendition of Spiced Rum.

This is a Spice Rum with no rival, truly a rum to be enjoyed on the rocks or neat.


Lineage Rum

We've rebelled against this titans of rum with this lightly- oak finished rum, proving that conventional wisdom isn't the only way.  

Notes of tamarind, vanilla, and butterscotch drive the experience, while a hot backbone keeps true to our love for over-proof spirits.


And now…


86D Vodka

This Industry Spirit is based on a sugar cane distilled neutral. Unique and clean palate provides a great general purpose Vodka made to satisfy. It was designed by a Bartender for Bartenders.