Focusing on Spiced Rum after Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria not only impacted American Citizens but critical infrastructure, local and national business development, and local economy in an size relevant to Katrina. It was humanly deplorable to hear the misrepresentations (very fine line to these becoming lies) from FEMA director, PR Governor, and from President Trump. 

That not withstanding there is a local movement to lift the island infrastructure and economy and not back down. This goes beyond saving a neighbor or uniting over hardships, this is a movement that has no economic status, it has not income bracket, it has no color, religion, or politic, no sexual preference or bias. This is a movement where the people while tiered, sore, and beaten down continue to build because they are resilient. 

As such we will add to our Fall and Winter line up and develop hispanic inspired spiced rum. For all our brothers and sisiters that helped, flew in, called, and supported the island - thanks! You have inpired us to bring spice to a new level with Mole, Tabbacco, Coffee, Mama Juana, and other traditional flavors to celebrate our resilience from deep in the rainforest where our spirit still stands STRONG   #PRDISTILLING  #SOLTAINO  #APOYALOLOCAL